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Bobby Limb & Dawn Lake

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Bobby Limb & Dawn Lake

Discover the beautiful memorial of this iconic entertainment couple

Bobby Limb & Dawn Lake

In the tranquil expanses of the Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens, stands a poignant memorial dedicated to the legacies of Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake. A testament to their contributions to Australian entertainment, this memorial serves as a beacon, reminding visitors of the endearing charm and talent the duo brought to stages and screens. The memorial, located in North Terrace, a stone's throw from the chapels, lends an air of reverence and serenity.

Robert "Bobby" Limb (10 November 1924 – 11 September 1999) and Dawn Alice Lake (20 January 1927 – 1 January 2006) form an iconic pair in Australia's entertainment history, leaving an indelible mark on radio, television, theatre, and film. Their chemistry, both on and off the stage, made them revered figures in the annals of show business.


This memorial, in its understated elegance, perfectly complements the breathtaking beauty of the entire Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens. As visitors tread the pathways, they're enveloped in an atmosphere that seamlessly blends remembrance with nature's grandeur, creating a space where memories are cherished, and the soul finds solace. The gardens, with their lush landscapes and memorials like that of Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake, stand as a testament to life's beauty, legacies, and the timeless bonds of memory.

Early Life and Career

Born in Adelaide, Bobby Limb’s zest for entertainment manifested early. By 17, he was charming audiences with his saxophone skills and soon became a bandleader and comedian. In contrast, Dawn Lake hailed from a Balmain working-class background and took her first steps in showbiz at 21, singing in local dance halls. It was at Joe Taylor's Celebrity Club circuit where their paths intertwined, leading to a lifetime of collaborative magic.


Image Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales


Image Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

A Dynamic and Unstoppable Duo

By 1952, Limb’s star was shining brightly. His radio fan-club at station 2UW had amassed a staggering 35,000 teenage members. A year later, the duo wed, and their combined allure took them overseas. Dawn's contract with the BBC Show Band saw them enthralling UK audiences, with notable performances at the London Palladium and the Moss Empire circuit.

Returning to Australia in 1957, their careers soared. Bobby introduced Australia's first national television show, "The Bobby Limb Show" (later known as "Mobil-Limb Show"). Here, Dawn's iconic character, Ethel, was born, her catchphrase "You tell 'em, luv!" becoming a political punchline. Their collaborative masterpiece, "Bobby Limb’s The Sound of Music", ruled the airwaves from 1963 to 1972. Lake's comedic genius was lauded across various television platforms, including "The Mavis Bramston Show". Limb's NLT Productions, in collaboration with Jack Neary and Les Tinker, aimed for global recognition with series like "The Rovers". Furthermore, their political involvement saw them campaign for the Whitlam Labor government in 1972, cementing their roles as multifaceted entertainers.

The Legacy Remains

Throughout their careers, accolades poured in. Limb clinched 11 Logie Awards, including the coveted 1964 Gold Logie, and an international Mr. Show Business award. Lake herself was a two-time Logie awardee. 


Beyond the lights, cameras, and applause, Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake's legacy is a testament to their unmatched talent, dedication, and the enchanting harmony they shared, both as entertainers and life partners. 


Their works can be revisited through various sources, such as YouTube retrospectives and vintage clips, ensuring that future generations can witness the magic of Australia's unparalleled entertainment duo.


Image Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales


Image Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

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