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History Tour

Explore the rich & storied history of Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens

Discovering the stories and souls that have shaped our community.

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens is more than a final resting place—it's a living testament to memories and tales that have shaped our collective journey. Our gardens are a tapestry of stories, legacies, and moments that define generations. Our History Tour invites you to delve into the stories behind each memorial in different ways. 

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens History Tour

If you are navigating through our tended garden paths via the History Tour brochure, enhance your adventure by scanning the QR codes stationed throughout, propelling you into a rich digital realm of narratives, vivid imagery, and compelling videos. Embark on this dual experience that seamlessly marries the tactile beauty of the gardens with the immersive depth of the digital age.

Immersive Digital Tour

If you are unable to visit the serenity of the Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens, don’t miss out on immersing yourself in our History Tour. Simply navigate our tour digitally through the interactive park map, and enrich yourself in knowledge about the visionaries, creatives and influencers who left an indelible mark on our society from the comfort of your own home. Click on each point on the map to learn more about the memorial situated at that location within the garden.

Start exploring our historic gardens

Use the map below to navigate through Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens. Simply click on an icon to immerse yourself into a world of knowledge and enrichment. We recommend you follow the path for the best experience. 


Tour Start


Embark on this exploration and let the echoes of the past enrich your present; may your journey through the Northern Suburbs Memorial Park be both enlightening and memorable. 

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